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Landlords of commercial properties in Singapore typically request tenants to reinstate their property to the original condition as a precondition of the termination handover.This process involves various trades that will work together to restore the property fully to the landlord’s satisfaction.As we understand that the job is usually time-sensitive in nature, we are prepared to carry out reinstatement works swiftly to prevent any handover issues.


Scope of Commercial Reinstatement Work.

Typically after some modification to existing commercial spaces to meet the tenant’s specific requirements, the responsibility lies with the tenant to get rid of all modifications and remove fixtures and renovation items that was installed in the space.These works commonly include,

  • Removing partition walls and false ceilings,

  • Removing existing floor finishes,

  • Relining and reinstating ceiling boards to acceptable condition,

  • Terminating power points and removing wiring,trunking,cables and data points installed in premises,

  • Hacking and demolishing installed hollow block walls as well as any other minor structural work,

  • Removing existing office furniture,cubicles,workstations,

  • Relocating and reinstalling power points the original lighting,

  • Dismantling and removing the compressor and the air-conditioning unit and relocating ducting,

  • Dismantling and removing internal doors,curtains and blinds,

  • Repainting the walls to the original colour.

Process and Cost of Reinstatement Works.

As there is no fixed package for office reinstatement works, the cost must be determined on a case-by-case basis with regard to the extent of works required. Our process normally starts off with a no-obligation site survey, where our managers will take time to understand the scope of works required before providing a formal quotation.

Returning your property soon?Arrange for a survey now.

Office Spaces.

Reinstating offices premises typically involves dismantling of existing partitions, shelves and other built in furnitures.Ceiling boards might also be required to be replaced if they are found to be in bad condition. Depending on the type of flooring,the landlord might require the removal of carpeted flooring before handover. Power points and data points will have to be dismantled if they have installed by the tenant.

Retail Properties.

Retail lots typically have undergone a certain degree of renovation and furnishings, especially if they are found at shopping malls. Reinstating them could include dismantling of the facade structures,display shelves as well as electrical trunkings and power points. Repainting the walls and ceiling to its original state is also commonly required.

Industrial Properties.

Industrial properties include warehouses and other storage facilities that landlords require to be reinstated back to its original condition.Typically, this depends on the use of the facility and the equipment and general age and condition.


Wall and ceiling repairing cost estimate:$220to$350

Work Includes spalling repair and painting back.

Note:We don't plaster directly on tiles,is highly not recommended.


Wall that has gone through long againt process will experience portion that is damaged by water leaking, scratches, other potential external forces and internal wall quality issue.Leng team will need to make sure the holes, deep scratches are being filled up before applying two layers of skim coat compounds. Then and there, surfaces will be treated with sanding before any wallpaper or paint applied on it, right after the coat dries and has become smooth.

Plastering supplier usually supply plaster material that comprises of lime, gypsum, cement or some other components. Although manufactured finished goods will be presented in the form of dry powder, water is key to the mixture before it forms a stiffer paste that has high workability, but application must be done as soon as possible in order to prevent it from hardening. The reason why plastering contractor will mix the compound with water is because of crystallization process that releases the heat which then makes hardening of hydrated plaster.


Leng coat applicator is also normally the painting contractor, because in order to have painting work to be done, it must be coupled with quality skim works. The water-to-powder ratio adjustment of skim coating should be carried out carefully, to prevent the situation where compound becomes too watery and it cannot stick to trowel tool; on the other hand, insufficient water will cause the compound look like cake and solid form.


Welcome all owner and ID,We are here offer transparent yet competitive prices for all of our renovation projects.We run a site survey to help us provide you with free price quotes. We guarantee fast, friendly, convenient services, and we will always leave your property as neat as we found it—no need for further cleaning.

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