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Mr Mok,20 over experience in repairing spalling concrete.


Repairing spalling concrete

Step1: Remove the loosed concrete and expose the corroded steel bars.

Step2: Clean and paint the corrded steel bars.

  2.1 Scrape and clean the exposed steel bars and use a wire brush to remove any dust.

  2.2 Measure the rebar size and make sure there is no reduction in the rebar size.

  2.3 Apply 2 coats to anti-rust paint to the steel bars.

Step3: Apply a bonding agent to the affected surface to ensure proper adhesion.

Step4: Patch the hacked area using polymer modified cement motar.

Step5: Paint over the patched area.(Optional)

It is advised to check any other area to make sure no spalling concrete and water leaking issues already been solved from top neighbours.

Concrete wall and slab are everywhere, it is very essential elements for the whole building, maintain it to make sure defects are identified and repaired is extremely important before it causes further structural or other linked problems. Those defects that we need to pay attention to learn and fix it will be listed here today for all of you.

We possess with many years of experience and exquisite materials,the plaster wall and ceiling master with delicate hand-made heads. Created ideal home feelings and various plaster designs for homeowners, shopkeepers,designers and Contractors.

Created an ideal home feel and a variety of plaster design,Fake wall screen / partition / compartment and so on.
The  repair project is also one of our strengths.Without delicate handwork, the light shines like a spray,and the beauty is insufficient.
Welcome to call and make an appointment.

We are dealing in all kind of Rapair work and House Extension work such as Plaster Ceiling, Tiling work, Counter Top, Painting.


Wall and ceiling repairing cost estimate:$220to$350

Work Includes spalling repair and painting back.

Note:We don't plaster directly on tiles,is highly not recommended.


Wall that has gone through long aging process will experience portion that is damaged by water leaking, scratches, other potential external forces and internal wall quality issue.Leng team will need to make sure the holes, deep scratches are being filled up before applying two layers of skim coat compounds. Then and there, surfaces will be treated with sanding before any wallpaper or paint applied on it, right after the coat dries and has become smooth.

Plastering supplier usually supply plaster material that comprises of lime, gypsum, cement or some other components. Although manufactured finished goods will be presented in the form of dry powder, water is key to the mixture before it forms a stiffer paste that has high workability, but application must be done as soon as possible in order to prevent it from hardening. The reason why plastering contractor will mix the compound with water is because of crystallization process that releases the heat which then makes hardening of hydrated plaster.


Leng coat applicator is also normally the painting contractor, because in order to have painting work to be done, it must be coupled with quality skim works. The water-to-powder ratio adjustment of skim coating should be carried out carefully, to prevent the situation where compound becomes too watery and it cannot stick to trowel tool; on the other hand, insufficient water will cause the compound look like cake and solid form.


Welcome all owner and ID,We are here offer transparent yet competitive prices for all of our renovation projects.We run a site survey to help us provide you with free price quotes. We guarantee fast, friendly, convenient services, and we will always leave your property as neat as we found it—no need for further cleaning.

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